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 Carlo Costly might miss match against Costa Rica on Saturday
June 16, 2011 12h18PM {data}2011-06-16{/data}{hora}12:18{/hora} {data}2011-06-16{/data}{hora}13:58{/hora}

Carlos Costly suffered a rib injury against Jamaica.. Photo: AP

Carlos Costly suffered a rib injury against Jamaica.
Photo: AP

Carlo Costly gave it a shot, but he could not practice at full speed along with his Honduran teammates on Wednesday in New Jersey.

The veteran player is still recovering from a rib injury he suffered after a collision in the 1-0 loss against Jamaica on Monday.

According to Concacaf.org, Costly continually rubbed his right side and appeared to have limited range of motion when he tried to run and turn. Trainers spent some time applying gauze or tape to the injury.

"When I twist or bend, it hurts plenty," Costly said to Concacaf.org.

"(Trainers are) using a homemade solution. I don't know what it is. It's ice with hot (towels). Then he puts on a patch that seems to help. I think it was a bit more swollen (Tuesday) and (Wednesday) it is a bit better."

Costly is doubtful for his team's quarterfinals match against Costa Rica on Saturday at the New Meadowlands Stadium.

"I still have some swelling but let's hope that it will be better in the coming days," Costly added.

"The truth is that it's an important game and I have to be well before Saturday. We have to take (the injury) seriously."

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  1. Jamaica beats Honduras 1-0 to finish in first place in Group B.

    Foto: Mexsport

  2. Entering the game, Honduras needed a win for first place while Jamaica simply needed a tie.

    Foto: Mexsport

  3. Carlos Costly was forced to leave the game with an abdominal injury.

    Foto: Mexsport

  4. Jamaica came into the game more aggressively, while Honduras seemed to have a hard time settling into the rhythm.

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  5. Jamaica did not allow a goal in the group stage.

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  6. In the 71st minute Noel Valladares redeemed himself by blocking a penalty kick by Ryan Johnson.

    Foto: AP

  7. Ryan Johnson scored the goal for Jamaica.

    Foto: AP

  8. Jamaica maintained a perfect 3-0-0 record.

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