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 Spanish Lab To Help With Anti-doping Tests for Guadalajara Games
January 27, 2011 01h06AM {data}2011-01-27{/data}{hora}01:06{/hora}

Samples will be taken in Guadalajara and analyzed in Mexico City.. Photo: AFP

Samples will be taken in Guadalajara and analyzed in Mexico City.
Photo: AFP

Anti-doping tests for the Pan American Games in Guadalajara will be aided by the transportation of equipment and personnel from a Barcelona laboratory, according to a recent update by the President of the National Commission for Physical Culture and Sport (CONADE), Bernardo de la Garza.

"We will set up a satellite laboratory with our own equipment and some additional machines coming from Barcelona. It will work inside CONADE's facilities", said de la Garza as he left a meeting with the state authorities of the Mexican Olympic Committee and the Pan American Games Organizing Committee (COPAG).

According to de la Garza, the blood and urine samples will be taken in Guadalajara and then will be moved to Mexico City, where the anti-doping tests will be performed. Additionally, he said that the budget for the laboratory, suggested by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), would be 550.000 euros (roughly 750.000 dollars) plus the cost for moving the equipment and transporting the staff from Barcelona.

Regarding the budget for the Games, de la Garza affirmed that 1.2 billion pesos (about 100 million dollars) would be needed. He expects that between 400 and 600 million pesos will come from the sponsors and the rest will be covered by an increase in federal, state and municipal resources.

He pointed out that these are different resources than the ones that go toward infrastructure, and that they will be used for the logistics and operation of the Games, including security. However, the Organizing Committee intends for these resources to be assumed by the federal departments responsible for homeland security.

As of today, about 4 billion pesos (330 million dollars) have been invested in the construction and restructuration of the venues that will host 14 Pan American sports disciplines, as well as in the broadcast strategies of the Pan American games.

When asked about the uncertainty of the venue of the rowing and canoeing competitions at Zapotlán Lake, the CONADE president said that if the Environmental and Natural Resources Department gives the authorizations for its construction, the sports complex will be ready in three or four months.

"It is not a complex construction, so it will be ready in four months. We are not concerned about its construction but about the authorizations and that the environmental authority approves the work. Otherwise, we will do it at Cuemaco in Mexico City, with the authorization of PASO (Pan American Sports Organization)".

Meetings between COPAG and Pan American's governing body will take place on a monthly basis until March and then will become more frequent as the event nears. The Pan American Games, which will host 42 American countries, will take place Oct. 14-30.

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