London 2012


from July 27 to August 12




About the sport

Weightlifting is an event characterized by strength (quick force and muscular explosion) and consists of racing a bar with the largest quantity of rings (weight) possible. There are two types of weightlifting: snatch and clean and jerk. Its exact origin is unknown, although there are rumors that it began in ancient Egypt, China, and Greece, with men competition to see who could lift the most weight.

It was part of the original modern games in Athens 1896, in 1904, and in al editions since 1920. The former Soviet Union is the maximum winner in history with 62 medals in the sport, 34 of them gold. China comes second with 32 gold and is the current world power. In the London Games there will be 15 gold medals in weightlifting, divided by eight men’s weight categories and seven female weight categories. The competition will take place in ExCel London.

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Star athletes

Athletes to Watch

They will be protagonists at the Olympic Games

Hall of Fame

Stars that made history in the Olympic Games

Behdad Salimi KordasiabiBehdad Salimi KordasiabiCountry:Iran

The Iranian Behdad Salimi Kordasiabi is two-time world champion in the category over 105 kg: won in Antalya 2010 and Paris 2011. Conquered the Asian title in 2010.

Liu ChunhongLiu ChunhongCountry: China

Besides breaking the world record several times, the athlete has two Olympic gold medals - in Athens and Beijing - and seeks to keep its retrospect in London.

Pyrros DimasPyrros DimasCountry: Greece

Three time Olympic Champion in the lightweight division in Bracelona, Atlanta, and Sydney. In Athens he was forced to settle for Bronze.

Liu ChunhongLiu ChunhongCountry: China

Two-time Olympic Champion, she is the woman with the most world records in weightlifting. Currently, she has the best numbres in the 69 kg category.

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