London 2012


from July 27 to August 12


Table Tennis


About the sport

The sport is played with paddles, disputed between two players or two pairs, originating in England around 1880 to “substitute” traditional tennis with less exhaustion. The motivation for the sport, no longer exists with the speed of the ball reaching 150 km/hr., demanding concentration and physical preparation by the athletes.

Since the beginning of the sport in Seoul 1988, China has established the hegemony in table tennis. The Asian giant won 20 of 24 gold medals available since then.

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Star athletes

Athletes to Watch

They will be protagonists at the Olympic Games

Hall of Fame

Stars that made history in the Olympic Games

Hugo HoyamaHugo HoyamaCountry:Brazil

He suffered the massive dominance of Asian athletes in the sport and never reached the podium. His sixth participation in the Games should be the last one.

Ma LinMa LinCountry: China

Since Beijing she dropped in the world ranking, but never below the number 7. In London, expects to maintain a 100% success in Olympic disputes.

Ma LinMa LinCountry: China

With a double gold medal in Athens and an individual and team medal in Beijing, Ma Lin contributed to the Chinese dominance in the event.

Wang NanWang NanCountry: China

Four-time Olympic champion, she has one more silver medals than her teammates. After the Beijing 2008 Olympic games, she decided to retire.

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