London 2012


from July 27 to August 12


Synchronised Swimming


About the sport

Just like artistic gymnastics, Synchronized Women only includes female athletes. The sport was born at the beginning of the XX century after a tour by the Australian Annette Kellerman through the United States in which she showcased aquatic acrobatics. The discipline had its first competitions in the decade of the 1930’s and debuted in the Olympics in Los Angeles 1984.

The specialty consists of combining swimming, gymnastics, and dance inside the pool. In the Olympics it is performed in pairs or in group of eight, performing routines to the rhythm of music. The competition is divided into four parts: technical and free, each representing 50% of the points handed out by the judges.

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Star athletes

Athletes to Watch

They will be protagonists at the Olympic Games

Hall of Fame

Stars that made history in the Olympic Games

Natalia IshchenkoNatalia IshchenkoCountry:Russia

Great prominence in individual competitions in the World - not in the Olympic context - the Russian athlete is the reference in the best team in the world.

RusiaRusiaCountry: Russia

ince Sydney 2000 the country dominates the synchronized swimming, winning all six gold medals. The presentation in London worths every second of attention.

Anastasiya ErmakovaAnastasiya ErmakovaCountry: Russia

Along with her teammate, Anastasiya Davydova, she was Olympic Champion in 2004 and 2008, winning in the couples and team events.

Gemma MengualGemma MengualCountry: Russia

Owner of two silver medals in Beijing, alongside Andrea Fuentes, Gemma announced her retirement six months before the London 2012 due to personal reasons.

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