London 2012


from July 27 to August 12




About the sport

This marital arts originated in Japan in 1882, founded by Jigoro Kano. One of the main principles that define judo is “maximum efficiency with the minimal effort.” As a sport, the objective is to bring down the opponent in the “tatami” and punctuation is established by knocking down the opponent and the quality of the movement being executed. An athlete wins the fight when they get a complete point (ippon), submit their opponent (through strangulation or a key grip) or by immobilizing the opponent for 25 seconds. The wazari refers to half a point and the yuko to a third of a point. The judogui (white or blue komono) and the obi (the graduation gown) are the official uniforms.

The event debuted in the 1964 Tokyo Olympic Games, and since then has only been left out during Mexico 1968. During the program, there are 14 gold medals, divided by seven categories among the men and women. Japan dominated the event historically with 35 gold medals and 65 total medals. France (10 gold medals), South Korea (nine gold medals) and China (eight gold medals) follow. In London 2012, the Judo event will take place in ExCel London.

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Star athletes

Athletes to Watch

They will be protagonists at the Olympic Games

Hall of Fame

Stars that made history in the Olympic Games

Leandro GuilheiroLeandro GuilheiroCountry:Brazil

After getting the bronze medal in Athens 2004 and Beijing 2008, the athlete comes to London as the favorite to climb to the top of the podium.

Teddy RinerTeddy RinerCountry: France

Five times world champion and owner of two European titles, the athlete wants to do what he did not do in Beijing 2008: reaching the top of the podium.

Tadahiro NomuraTadahiro NomuraCountry: Japan

The first to win three consecutive gold medals in Judo (Atlanta, Athens, Sydney), Tadahiro did not compete in Beijing but attempted to return to the sport.

Ryoko Tamura-TaniRyoko Tamura-TaniCountry: Japan

After having the prowess to dispute five Olympic Games with two silver medals, two gold, and one bronze, Ryoko retired in 2010 to focus on a career in politics.

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