London 2012


from July 27 to August 12




About the sport

The sport is played with a special racket and can be practiced in singles or doubles. The player must place in the opponent’s court a special ball formed by 16 feathers from the left wing of a goose, held together with a cork base and covered by a small layer of leather.

During the Olympic Games, Badminton gives five gold medals: one in men’s and women’s singles, one in men and women’s doubles and one in mixed doubles. Despite having its origins in the XVI Century, it did not become an Olympic sport until Barcelona 1992.

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Star athletes

Athletes to Watch

They will be protagonists at the Olympic Games

Hall of Fame

Stars that made history in the Olympic Games

Lin DanLin DanCountry:China

With four gold medals in World Championships, the Chinese is playing to defend the Olympic title. Experts consider him the greatest player of all time.

Lee Chong WeiLee Chong WeiCountry: Malaysia

Wei Lin Dan have never won any gold medals in Olympic Games or World Championships, but he beat his archrival six times in other championships finals, against twelve defeats.

Kim Dong-MoonKim Dong-MoonCountry: South Korea

Debuting in Atlanta 1996, winning a gold medal in the mixed doubles category. In the men's mixed, he won bronze in Sydney and Athens.

Zhang NingZhang NingCountry: China

Zhang Ning was the only two-time champion in the event, winning gold medal in the last two Olympic Games: Athens 2004 and Beijing 2008.

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